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At JE Solutions Consultancy Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of services to support your idea and concept generation process. Our experienced team can assist with electrode, sensor, and circuitry design, as well as ink and screen material selection and characterization. We also provide printing services for functional components on various substrates, electrochemical testing, and method development for the analysis of different analytes in various samples. Contact us today to learn more about how we help bring your ideas to life.

We can help you with ink formulation based on nanomaterials and chemical reagents. Our team can also assist you in liaising with vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers to scale-up production. Please let us know if you have specific requirements or questions.

Provide applied and contract research


Electrochemical chemical & biosensor development.

Mass production of  printed sensors and components.

RK + Potentiostat.jpg
Mass production of sensors.jpg

CAD design for electrodes & flexible electronics. 


Ink formulation & Supply of Screen printing inks/pastes

Ink formulation.jpg
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